Gianni’s artisan ice cream is made daily at The Bench by using fresh organic milk from local Caerfai Farm St Davids. It is produced to the very highest of standards in the old traditional italian style by skilled ice cream chefs.

We make 100’s of different flavours which change in accordance to seasons & global occasions.
With 48hrs notice you can order your favourite flavour & any suggestions for new flavours are always wecome. Gianni has extended his alcoholic selection of ice creams. Flavours include: welsh bitter, bailleys, lambrusco, sambucca, guinness & many more.

Giannis also makes an extensive range of delicious fruit sorbets which are dairy free, & chosen according to seasonal fruit availibility, these sorbets have a wonderful texture and some say they cannot distinguish these from the ice creams. There is always a sugar free & dairy free ice cream suitable for diabetics.

We have recently introduced artisan soft greek yoghurt which is 95% fat free this has been a huge success. Customers choose their own toppings & we find yoghurt & alpen & a selection of fresh fruit has proved popular as a breakfast treat . There is also a selection yoghurt sundaes.

Coffee tea & homemade cakes are available for customers wanting to sit outside & enjoy the sun.

Gianni’s Home Made Double Cream Fudge


Frozen Yoghurt